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S took life head on. Even as he audaciously made fun of it, he demanded and took from it all the fun that it keeps secreted. And shared it with all those who knew him, by teaching them to laugh.

Taming life, he lived it by filling its moments with mirth and celebration of love and happiness; when time came to claim him, he left it unhaltingly, ungrudgingly, in his own style, enjoying small morsels of joy, ensuring that he touched and rested in the warmth of those he loved even more than life.

He has left behind too many friends to count, whose love and respect he so extravagantly earned. Many will feel derelict without his affection and infectious zest.

I have a suspicion that for one living and leaving so fully and well, he would scoff at our grieving, and admonish us for our pusillanimity.

ramesh gandhi