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Evolution to Extinction

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Another Man Called Gandhi: excerpts from an article on Ramesh Gandhi by Janaki Venkataraman

Ramesh Gandhi was born in Calcutta, lives in Madras and stays in clouds. He speaks an uncommon language. For example, "All knowledge," he says, "must become all doubt. Since knowledge can be acquired by doubting, when all is known the process of doubting must persist, causing doubt about what is assumed to have been known. Such being the case, knowledge need not be acquired in the first place."

He argues that man's civilisation has a self-destruct device, since it negates the fundamental tenets of existence, by evolving intelligently, instead of strictly genetically. His ideas have isolated him, but he insists that he is not a misanthrope.

The need for expression, according to him, emanates from a desire for self-justification, which in fact is an inverted form of self-deception. Characteristically, he confesses that he takes photographs and shows them, and talks on any subject in the universe, compellingly and emotionally, and does not commit suicide, as part of an elaborate exercise in self-deceit.

His photographs being extensions of his thoughts, are as provocative, and speak for themselves. Ironically, he claims "no art is intrinsically, innately of any value, viewed metaphysically; but then, neither is life itself." He confesses to be living in an "uncomfortable truce with both."
He has had exhibitions and talks in various parts of India and abroad, and claims that his house has a sign proclaiming "TRESPASSERS WILL BE REWARDED" because the only way he can engage himself in life is by talking about life, lifelessness, absence of a grand design or intellect attributable to the universe, or any other cosmic or universal manifestations and phenomena.

In Ramesh Gandhi there is an amalgam of extremely diverse facets. In a person devoted to spending most of his time in the process of thought, philosophical dissertations and speculations, there resides an incurable romanticism and sensitivity towards all forms of art.
Since conceptual thought and its communication are central to his existence, among other outlets he has chosen photography and writing poems as a release to his intensely emotional outpourings.