Ramesh Gandhi - Declarations

I live by communication. I welcome discussion / questions about any of these subjects: Or about almost any subject. Talk to me:

medicine (western, homeopathic, ayurvedic); psychiatry; law and jurisprudence; political science; advertising; history of religion; metaphysics;search for absolutes; philosophy; photography; history; music; cinema

Universe: The Nature of Things

Theory of Contingency, Briefly Stated

Gurgles of Earth

Salute, Ants

Crime in Crimea: Elsewhere, Everywhere


Life in time-warp, in me, in Calcutta

Response to a Matrimonial Ad

Wearied of Thinking


On Death - 1

On Death - 2 - an Accidental, Untimely Death

On Death - 3

On Death - 4 - poem for a woman who lost her husband

On Death - 5

On Death - 6 - a great scholar snatched away from the arms of another, in the prime of life

On Death - 7 - Miriam Guichard

On Night, Nightmare, and Loneliness

Letter After a Chance Meeting

Telling Vision: Idiot Box or Transferred Metaphor?

Jazz: An Introduction and Review

To a New-Born Child

Poetry and I

Environment and Man

Reply to a Child's question about Mahatma Gandhi

Paradox of Education (keynote speech to college students)

A reply to a friend who shared values of my formative years

from a speech on being honoured for donation of an ambulance

Something about Nehru on an idle Sunday