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Letter to a New-Born Child

You: crawl or waddle out of those photographs and come into our arms. I have plain fallen in love with you. Tell your mother she is forgotten and forgiven.

Let's see what you have in your bundle of tricks, mischiefs, surprises, apart from peremptory bawling and howling in a variety of sounds and volumes which you uncannily use to get what you want for a moment and then forget or discard, to show that the universe belonged to you and you had to test its efficiency in responding to your whimsicalness from time to time, your choicest time for these exercises being at the oddest moments. And finally, and unforgivably, your trick with which you move your arms, flail your legs, investigate indelicately, fall or break something, and yet charm your way into our hearts with those big eyes which can produce tears, even when you are not crying.

I have one trick too: if you wake up at night fancifully, I can keep you awake the whole night. That will teach you to respect night with silence and sleep.